The Shinko Tyres SR 955-956 Power Racer series is designed with ATV Flat-track competition in mind. The 955-956 Power Racer series features a race ready compound and tread pattern to reduce grooving and siping at the track.

The Shinko 955-956 is a hard surface tyre designed for maximum tread contact and excellent traction on both asphalt and dirt. The flame pattern tread blocks that grab the road with a large contact patch and divert water when conditions are wet. The tread of the Shinko 955-956 is built from a special compound rubber, specifically designed to maximize traction and handling during high-speed asphalt racing. Shinko has gone all out to give you the best performance possible from the 955-956 Power Racer ATV/UTV Tire.

Features include:

  • Flame patterned tread blocks maximized contact patch and improve cornering grip
  • Directional grooves decrease rolling resistance and provide excellent water evacuation
  • Special rubber compound is designed specifically for high-speed asphalt racing
  • Tires are NOT D.O.T. approved
  • 4-ply rated for increased durability